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  1. Attention Galaxy! Debby will be selling some of the clothes from her very own closet, as well as some red carpet looks and some of the items she's worn as Bailey & Jessie! More information will be available soon, so keep an eye on Debby's News section for details!

  2. What a night, and what a red carpet! Debby Ryan made us look twice on the red carpet: First, for the seamless incorporation of culottes in her trim pantsuit ensemble. Second, well, just because—she looks incredible. The Disney star's heart-printed clutch and turquoise pumps sealed the fashion win deal.

  3. Debby Ryan walked into practice. She was supposed to be ready to sing. But she wasn’t. She was having a bad day – “a terrible, terrible day,” she admitted later – but she didn’t want to show it...

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